About Chash


In British life, ‘Tea Makes Everything Better,’ yet it’s a struggle to find quality tea.

So in 2008 I began my own search; hunting for signs that would reveal why.

I found a report that highlighted a significant fall in coffee consumption and a growth in ‘specialist’ teas.

But where were all these tea drinkers?

Each weekend I drove to shopping centres and quizzed anyone I could find with a coffee cup in their hand. Their responses were pretty similar: “I like coffee but don’t know where to go for tea.”

Spurred on by an obvious demand for quality tea, I decided to enlist the public to help me discover the very best teas.

In the summer I threw open my garden and hosted tea parties. These ‘Tea Tasting Events’ allowed the public to select their favourites.

Chash has now spent 6 years carefully selecting the world’s finest tea.

Our simple aim is to rediscover and showcase quality tea. We are passionate about putting fine tea into British tea cups.

Our tea is served in bars and restaurants, cafes, pubs and delis. You can also enjoy Chash at some rather well-known theatres, galleries and museums.

The material used for our tea pouches is biodegradable. The packaging is suitable for recycling and satisfies the 4 requirements of the EEC Environmental Commission.

Our name is derived from ‘chashitsu’, Japanese for Tea Room.

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