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Afternoon Tea Week

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The UK has a long history with tea drinking; currently we consume 165 million cups a day, that’s 5 cups for every 2 people!

But what really made us dramatically increase our daily intake? One link is to afternoon tea

Now a popular tradition us Brits like to indulge in, it first started back in early nineteenth century. The 7th Duchess of Bedford, Anna, would often complain of a slump in her mood towards the late afternoon. In the nineteenth century people normally would have two large meals per day, one in the morning and one much later at night. Anna’s solution was to have a pot of tea and something light to eat mid-afternoon. This became a daily occurrence for her and soon she invited her friends for afternoon tea (before a walk in the fields nearby!)

It didn’t take long for this tradition to become a fashionable pursuit of social hostesses throughout the country

Today you will find Afternoon tea enjoyed in hotels and a variety of eateries. It is served between 3pm and 6pm. Traditional Afternoon tea is a pot of luxury loose tea served with light sandwiches and / or dainty cakes

To celebrate #nationalafternoonteaweek we paired an Apricot and Coconut cake with our beautifully floral Jasmine pearls. The sweet sharpness of the apricot is cleansed from the palate with the delicately floral and refreshing taste of the Jasmine tea. Perfect for a sunny afternoon!

Our Jasmine tea is of the highest quality. In springtime the tea pickers select only the finest buds. The buds are safely stored until summer, when the jasmine tree blossoms

The tea is then rolled into little tea balls, scented 12 times with night-blooming Jasmine blossom. Add hot water and watch as the pearls slowly unfurl! The infusion is soft and flowery

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The British’s Library’s collection of food interviews is now online for anyone to listen to
@britishlibrary @BL_PandB

Taste Testing

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When we Taste Test tea we prepare it correctly and not correctly….So that you don’t have to worry!

Here we are experimenting with #lapsangsouchong, steeping the leaves for 1,2,3,4 and 5 minutes. As you can see the results are varied.

Next we will repeat the process using water at 85,90,95 and 100 degrees


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Across The Pond… Through The Generations!

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I visited London last month and tasted some of your tea at a cafe.

I asked the waiter for the name of the company which made such great tea and he gave me your name. My question is whether or not you ship to the states – U.S.A.? I hope so as the tea was excellent. Thank you for your time.

Thank you, Dan, for your quick response.

I will be ordering soon to the delight of myself, my daughter and my granddaughter


Our pleasure, Pearl!

Putting Our Tea To The Test

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We love a good Tea Tasting.

On trial here in London are English Breakfast Gold, Earl Grey 1833, Jasmine Chung Hao and Elderflower & Ginger.

Happy to report all 4 sailed through ☺️


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