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From a remote village on the Zhangjiajie Mountain comes this traditional medicine

Traced back to the Ming Dynasty in 1385, it was principally used for wounds, colds and inflammation

Because studies show it protects the liver and reduces blood sugar and blood fat, it now has gained notoriety as a natural dietary supplement… and an aid to recovery from a hangover!

Zhangjiajie Mountain rises from 800-1500m in Hunan, China

Here the plant grows in a particular red sandstone soil, full of oxides. This soil encourages Proteins, Minerals, Vitamin E, Dietary Fibre, Amino Acids, and Polyphenols.

Hangover Blend contains 17 kinds of amino acid and the Flavanoid content is x20 the content found in Ginkgo!

Delicious and sweet, Hangover Blend is handmade

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