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“Best Tea I’ve Ever Had”

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Enjoying an AMAZING cup of Nepalese Spring White from @ChashTea Best tea I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few! Beautiful! :)

Hercule, south London


We are so pleased and truly flattered (and secretly we agree Hercule!)

Organic Detox

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Perfect for my organic detox. Love your tea’s – You rock and I’m loving your work!

Sam, London

Room for Coffee and Tea

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I’ll never stop drinking coffee (real not instant), but I’m drinking a lot of your tea and I love it

Nick, London

The Independent is not alone

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Literally the best peppermint tea I have tasted
Marc, Radlett

Independent ‘Best Buy’

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Those discerning people at The Independent voted our Peppermint leaf the best!

So good, infact, you can use the leaves or pouch many times.

100% natural. Clean and fresh.

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