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The most common black tea comes from India and Sri Lanka. Less well-known is the excellent black tea that originates from Yunnan province, China This fine example is grown at a height of 1300m right in the heart of tea country, Pu' Erh City. It is hand-picked in July Yunnan is rich, malty and has

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We select choice black teas from India, China and Sri Lanka To complement the tea we add lots of delicate and fragrant rose buds Full-bodied and rich; warm yet light; comforting and relaxing Enjoy with or without milk From 15p per cup

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Our traditional Chai is made with rich leaf Assam tea from north east India Ginger, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon are added to bring the punch and spice for which Chai is renowned. Also with fennel and aniseed and - for a fruity finish - orange peel A full-bodied Chai, this is delicious with hot milk From

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Bespoke Breakfast Blend


Are you curious about how an English Breakfast should really taste? Would you like to try a new black tea, maybe something smoky or infused with little rose buds? Here is an introduction to the world of better tea Also a great way to send tea as a gift, we will deliver a selection of  black tea

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Chash Tea


We are a proudly British Tea company (you may have noticed our Earl Grey is decorated with the colours of the flag!) Now we have created the official blend of our famous playwright Our task was to create something related to, and reflective of, the world’s greatest dramatist. So, appropriately, we started to read!  

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Regrettably much tea from Africa is low in quality. Some gardens are determined to change this. The Rukeri garden was founded only 50 years ago. It is a small plantation and produces only orthodox (traditional) tea To produce a long, twisted leaf, production is handled with great care. The result is a spicy and fruity

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