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The most common black tea comes from India and Sri Lanka. Less well-known is the excellent black tea that originates from Yunnan province, China This fine example is grown at a height of 1300m right in the heart of tea country, Pu' Erh City. It is hand-picked in July Yunnan is rich, malty and has

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Yellow bears a special significance in Chinese culture The first part of the name of this tea refers to its home, the famous Huangshan Mountain (literally Yellow Mountain) in Anhui Province. The steep, rocky peaks are home to no less than 4 of the Famous 10 Tea of China Also known as Cloud and Mist

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'White Peony’ is the generic name for Chinese white tea. It is so named after the peony flower that grows wild alongside the tea plants of Fujian, China Snow White is an impressive example of this varietal. This delicate tea is a beautiful combination of bright green leaves and soft white buds White Gold is

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We select choice black teas from India, China and Sri Lanka To complement the tea we add lots of delicate and fragrant rose buds Full-bodied and rich; warm yet light; comforting and relaxing Enjoy with or without milk From 15p per cup

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Our Vanilla Chai is developing something of a reputation. You see as good as she is on her own, with warm milk she is simply divine So turn off the phone and settle down with a smooth, relaxing 'Chai Latte' As with most Chai the foundation of this spicy blend can be found in the cinnamon, ginger,

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Our traditional Chai is made with rich leaf Assam tea from north east India Ginger, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon are added to bring the punch and spice for which Chai is renowned. Also with fennel and aniseed and - for a fruity finish - orange peel A full-bodied Chai, this is delicious with hot milk From

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