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Sheng Raw Pu Erh


From a height of 1300 metres above Pu’ Erh City comes this sheng cha (Raw Tea) The leaf was hand-picked in 2012. It has been stored naturally and allowed to oxidise, so it now bears resemblance to an oolong, while still holding some sweet notes similar to our Yellow Tea Unique is a word often

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Kyushu 2


For 800 years Wazuka has been revered as the ancestral home of fine tea. This sencha grows at high altitude on its sun-rich south-east slopes In early May, the new leaves are shaded for 14 days. Denying the leaf almost all natural sunlight enriches and softens the leaf. Produced in small quantity, this process is

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Porcelain Matcha Caddy


Want to store a small amount of tea in a beautiful caddie? Need somewhere to keep your Matcha carefully stored? This gorgeous caddie is made from fine porcelain. It is surprisingly robust and will survive an occasional clumsy hand! In Japan Matcha tea is revered. The ceremony ensures Matcha is prepared with due attention and

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Peach Blossom Fan


Artfully crafted, each tea ball is made by hand The first step is to sift through the leaves and carefully select the freshest tips. A beautiful flower blossom is laid on the tips and then it is carefully tied to form a little ball. The blossom is encased inside! Fill a jug of water (or large wine glass!) and

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Huang Shan City


Oriental Beauty is one of the famed Oolongs At an elevation of almost 1,000 feet above Huang Shan City, Anhui province, grow Chin Xin tea plants The plants are carefully organically cultivated and have EU certification The bud and freshest 2 leaves are hand-picked and allowed to heavily oxidize. Conversely, the leaf is then barely

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As far as we know this Oolong cannot be found anywhere else What makes it a rarity is this Oolong is classed as a white tea. Pleasingly, it is also certified organic The delicate leaves are a collection of soft browns, light greens and white tips. Curled and twisted by hand, the tea delivers a

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