The finest Matcha comes from Uji, in the Kyoto region of Japan

This Matcha is a ceremonial grade and, of course, hails from Uji

Uji Hikari is a premium tea plant cultivar. It was picked from the tea fields this Spring. This matcha is striking in appearance, a vibrant refreshing green

The flavours of Matcha are rich, vegetal, yet mellow. It is slightly sweet. In Japan Matcha is traditionally whisked with warm water (approx. 40-70 degrees). Whisk away in an ‘M’ movement for 10-20 seconds to create a smooth, creamy head. Your Matcha is now ready to drink!

Alternatively add Matcha to your smoothie or milkshake for a revitalising lift

Uji is ideally suited to usucha (thin matcha) 

From £1 per cup


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