We are a proudly British Tea company (you may have noticed our Earl Grey is decorated with the colours of the flag!)

Now we have created the official blend of our famous playwright

Our task was to create something related to, and reflective of, the world’s greatest dramatist.

So, appropriately, we started to read!


Shakespeare wrote frequently about flowers and spices.

While experimenting we found Chamomile, Rose and Fennel (within his plays they appear often) together was complex but balanced. So we chose to use these as the base

The natural complement was the clean, grassy notes of a 1st Flush Darjeeling (the ‘Champagne of Tea’)

And there, like one of his plays, it is; nuance, depth and layer. We hope we do the bard justice


“Made sure to brew one at break, simply delicious!”

Alison, Plymouth

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